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Informatica Tutorial – Part 12

Source Qualifier Transformation Continued… Source tab will contain the source table details. Metadata Extensions tab is to add any new column, but we will not be able to add any new column in the SQ but only using expression transformation. In this source qualifier, source...
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Informatica Tutorial – Part 11

Implementing Extraction Mapping in Informatica (Mapping Designer): Open the mapping designer and select the Create Mapping. Give in the mapping name as m_Stockexchange as per the naming convention. From the navigator drag the source NSE. This source will be displayed along with the Source qualifier,...
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Informatica Tutorial – Part 10

WAREHOUSE DESIGNER: We are having the target table STOCK_TRADING_FCT with 11 columns. Target definitions could be done by the following ways, Importing the similar target definition. Creating the target definition. Using the existing source definitions for the target. Importing the target definitions, in the warehouse...
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Informatica Tutorial – Part 9

To import an excel source definition, follow these steps: Step I: Microsoft Excel ODBC driver should be installed in the system. Step II: Create a Microsoft Excel ODBC data source for each source in the 32 Bit ODBC Administrator. Step III: Prepare MS excel spreadsheet...
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Informatica Tutorial – Part 8

ETL process using Informatica: So far we have explained about the source tables and how data need to be transformed before loading into target tables. In this section, we will see how this is implemented using Informatica. Quick Overview: Sources: National Stock Exchange (NSE) and...
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Informatica Tutorial – Part 7

Target Table Layout: TARGET_DW_DB is an Oracle Data Warehouse database in KLXY Limited. Table STOCK_TRADING_FCT is mapped with the source tables NSE_TBL and BSE_TBL and linked with the LOOKUP tables. Data from NSE_TBL and BSE_TBL will be migrated to STOCK_TRADING_FCT on the last day of...
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Informatica Tutorial – Part 6

Lookup Table 3: MONTH_LKP   Month Identifier MTH_ID Primay Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Month Description MTH_DESC Standalone Column January February March April May June July August September October November December System Date SYS_DT Standalone Column 01-Jan-2007...
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