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Actuate and its related products are trademarks of Actuate and the following information is sourced from www.Actuate.com. For more information, please visit their official website www.Actuate.com.

“Actuate is the only Business Intelligence solution that meets 100% of users needs with a complete set of Business Intelligence (BI) functionality delivered within an Enterprise Reporting Application experience. Actuate-built applications ensure that 100% of users adopt critical information into their day-to-day activities to improve overall corporate performance. These applications are developed and deployed on the industry’s most scalable and flexible reporting application platform, making Actuate the only BI platform that can scale to reach hundreds of thousands of users with a single application.”


Products: Business Intelligence


  • Actuate Analytics Cube Designer
  • Actuate Information Object Designer
  • Actuate e.Report Designer Pro
  • Actuate e.Spreadsheet Designer


  • Actuate iServer
  • Actuate Information Objects
  • Page-level Security

User Adoption:

  • Actuate Analytics
  • Actuate e.Analysis
  • Actuate e.Report Option
  • Actuate e.Spreadsheet Option
  • Actuate Query

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