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Business Intelligence Reports:

Data is collected from various sources and cleansed or transformed into a form required by data warehouse or data mart decision support systems. BI tools provide a means of taking advantage of these data contained within a data warehouse or data mart by providing answer to critical queries related to the business.

The power of business intelligence actually relies on the knowledge acquired through the analysis of various reports taken using business intelligence reporting tools. Business Intelligence Reporting Tools or OLAP Tools provide different views of data by pivoting or rotating the data across several dimensions. BI tools are capable of displaying data in several formats like, tables, pivots, charts, query results or reports.

Zero Footprint Technology:

Earlier, with client/server architecture, business intelligence reporting tools were installed on each user’s desktop in order to connect to the database and to take reports. Nowadays, with the revolution of web advancement, Zero Footprint technology allows users to connect to the database and see the reports through web browsers which doesn’t require them to install any software to do so. With the help of this Zero Footprint technology, the reports that were only available to top executives, now can be seen by any employee making them to participate and contribute towards the decision making.

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