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Business Modeling depicts the overall picture of a business like what is it about, what specific business problem it is intend to solve and how the information flows from source to destination. Business modeling involves, business models and diagrams that provide information in a graphical way to the members of an organization to understand and communicate the business rules and processes effectively. Business process modeling, process flow modeling and data flow modeling are sub-categories of business modeling. It is not necessary for the business modeling to go into the details of the project and often it will hide the programming complexities required to achieve the task. Business Modeling strategies and the underlying business models differ from one organization to other depending upon their needs and goals.

Business Process Modeling:

A business process modeling is a group of related activities or business processes. Business processes are visually represented as diagrams of simple box with arrow graphics and text labels, better known as Business Process Models.

Process Flow Modeling:

Process Flow Modeling is used to graphically describe the various processes that happen in an organization and the relationships between them.

Data Flow Modeling:

Data Flow Modeling(DFD) is a top-down approach, that focuses on the flow of data between various Business Processes and helps to capture & document the movements within a business or organization.

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