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Business Process & BPM with Examples

What is Business Process? Business process is an activity or group of activities required to achieve the company’s goal or fulfil their business needs. This business process may be department wise or enterprise level wise or for a specific function of a department or an...
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Business Intelligence Environment

BI Environment and Business Flow: Business Intelligence is all about converting large amounts of corporate data into useful information, thereby triggering some profitable business action with the help of knowledge acquired through BI analysis. Implementing BI is a long process and it requires a lot...
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BI Reporting

Business Intelligence Reports: Data is collected from various sources and cleansed or transformed into a form required by data warehouse or data mart decision support systems. BI tools provide a means of taking advantage of these data contained within a data warehouse or data mart...
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ETL & Data Warehouse

ETL Process: ETL, an acronym for ‘Extraction, Transformation and Loading’ is a collection of processes associated with extracting the source data, transforming that data and finally loading that data into a data warehouse. Before loading the required into data warehouse, it should be transformed in...
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Dimensional Modeling

Dimensional Model comprises a fact table and many dimension tables and is used for calculating summarized data. Since Business Intelligence reports are used in measuring the facts(aggregates) across multiple dimensions, dimensional data modeling is the preferred modeling technique in a BI environment. A Fact table...
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Data Modeling

Data Modeling is about representing the real world set of data structures or entities and their relationships in the form of Data Models, required for a database. Simply put, data model is a visual representation of the database. Data Modeling consists of various types and...
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Business Modeling

Business Modeling depicts the overall picture of a business like what is it about, what specific business problem it is intend to solve and how the information flows from source to destination. Business modeling involves, business models and diagrams that provide information in a graphical...
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