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Scorecards are similar to Dashboards in a way that it provides easy-to-understand, summarized, at-a-glance data for the managers and top officials to tell them about their company’s present and past performance. Scorecards thus help to monitor the Key Performance Indicators accurately and to communicate the...
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Dashboard Software

Following are few of the famous Business Intelligence Dashboard software available in the current market. Cognos ReportNet: A product from Cognos that helps to build, distribute, and view multi-object dashboards with graphical elements such as gauges, charts, and clickable pictures. Connects dashboards with underlying tabular...
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BI Dashboards

What is a Dashboard in Business terms? A Business Intelligence Dashboard visually represents the key organizational performance data in a near real time, user friendly manner that can be understood instantaneously. Technically speaking, a Dashboard is a visual representation that reflects the Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)...
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Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators, commonly referred to as KPIs, are a list of measurements that are identified as critical factors in achieving the organizational goals or mission. KPIs are often identified in a business to help them drive a business towards its success and are associated...
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