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Following are few of the famous Business Intelligence Dashboard software available in the current market.

Cognos ReportNet:

A product from Cognos that helps to build, distribute, and view multi-object dashboards with graphical elements such as gauges, charts, and clickable pictures. Connects dashboards with underlying tabular data, letting people go from a high-level view to a deeper understanding.

Source: www.Cognos.com


Microstrategy Dashboards are designed to deliver maximum visual impact in a format optimized for quick absorption, using a combination of tables, graphics, gauges, dials and other graphical indicators, as well as conditional formatting, free-form labels, borders and background colors.

Source: www.microstrategy.com

BusinessObjects Dashboard Manager:

Dashboard Manager lets one choose the level of detail they need – an overview, a specific chart or graph, or the underlying report.

Source: www.businessobjects.com

The Compliance Management Dashboard:

A product from Hyperion provides easy-to-use screens, meters, and stoplights that quickly convey critical information. The Compliance Management Dashboard includes a data model with pre-built connectors to data sources, a set of compliance metrics, and a series of easy-to-use screens, meters, and stoplights designed to quickly convey critical information needed by finance executives.

Source: www.hyperion.com

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