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HummingBird and its related products are trademarks of HummingBird Ltd. and the following information is sourced from www.HummingBird.com. For more information, please visit their official website
“Hummingbird Ltd. is a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions. Hummingbird BI is a powerful business intelligence solution that provides enterprise-strength query, reporting and OLAP functionality at the lowest cost of ownership. Hummingbird BI provides full reporting capabilities to satisfy the needs of all users in the organization, with a wide range of reports, formats and delivery methods. Hummingbird BI provides a rich environment for query, analysis and reporting activity. It enables users to search stored data, transform it into valuable business information and distribute the results across the enterprise and beyond.”

Vendor: www.Hummingbird.com

Business Intelligence Products: Hummingbird BI

Hummingbird BI Components:

  • BI Query
  • BI Web
  • BI Analyze
  • BI Server

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