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Hyperion and its related products are trademarks of Hyperion and the following information is sourced from www.Hyperion.com. For more information, please visit their official website
“Hyperion is the global leader in enterprise software and services for Business Performance Management. Business Performance Management software enables organizations to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provide insight to improve both financial and operational performance. Insight is the essence of what Hyperion delivers. Our strength is our ability to measure results and manage performance. The end result is business insight. Many competitors can measure results. Others manage transactions that impact performance. Only Hyperion covers the full spectrum.”
Vendor: www.Hyperion.com

Products: Business Intelligence

  • Analytics: Hyperion Essbase
  • Performance Metrics: Hyperion Metrics Builder

ScoreCards and Dashboards:

  • Hyperion Performance ScoreCard

Query and Reporting:

  • Hyperion Performance Suite
  • Hyperion Intelligence
  • Hyperion Analyzer
  • Hyperion Visual Explorer
  • Essbase Spreadsheets

Enterprise Reporting:

  • Hyperion Performance Suite
  • Hyperion SQR
  • Hyperion Reports

Developer Tools:

  • Hyperion Application Builder

Core and Data Integration Services:

  • Essbase Administration Services
  • Hyperion Deployment Services
  • Essbase Integration Services
  • Hyperion Application Link
  • Hyperion HUB
  • Hyperion MDM Server

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