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We are having the target table STOCK_TRADING_FCT with 11 columns.

Target definitions could be done by the following ways,

  1. Importing the similar target definition.
  2. Creating the target definition.
  3. Using the existing source definitions for the target.
  • Importing the target definitions, in the warehouse designer click on the TARGET in the tools and select “Import from database”.
  • Select the ODBC data source to connect to the respective data base.
  • If a new ODBC data source need to be created or modified click on browse to open up the ODBC administrator. Create the appropriate data source and click OK. Then select the new ODBC data source (as in step 3).
  • Enter the username, owner name and the password of the data base.
  • Drill down to the list of database available and select the appropriate table in this case it would be STOCK_TRADING_FCT and click OK.
  • ON doing this the target would be displayed in the navigation of the Informatica designer.
  • To save the changes click on REPOSITORY and click SAVE.

If we drag the existing source to the warehouse designer a similar target definition would be created, the definitions can be edited and modified. If this is the case then the corresponding table has to be created in the database.

  • In the warehouse designer select the relational target definition, for which the table has to be created in the database.
  • Click on Target-generate/ execute SQL, click connect and select the data base where the table has to be created. Click OK to make the connection.
  • Enter a file name and the location for the SQL scripts to be stored in the local machine.
  • Click on GENERATE to create SQL for creating the table or GENERATE/ EXECUTE to create the SQL and execute it immediately.
  • Click CLOSE.

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