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ProClarity and its related products are trademarks of ProClarity and the following information is sourced from www.ProClarity.com. For more information, please visit their official website www.ProClarity.com.
“ProClarity business intelligence(BI) solutions help organizations primarily in two areas: Make fact-based decisions faster by giving knowledge workers the ability to explore data with patented data visualizations;
Make IT more efficient by enabling a high level of self serve information gathering; It starts with the architecture. ProClarity Analytics Family and Live Family, combined with a very comprehensive Business Management Software Development Kit, make up an Analytics Platform that delivers understanding and fulfills your need for speed.”
Vendor: www.ProClarity.com

Products: Business Intelligence

Analytics Family:

  • Web Standard
  • Professional
  • Business Reporter for Excel
  • ProClarity for SharePoint Portal Server
  • ProClarity for Reporting Services
  • Dashboard Viewer
  • Dashboard Server
  • Business Logic Server
  • Analytics Server

Live Family:

  • Live Server
  • Live Client
  • Analytics Platform

Microsoft Integration:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Business Scorecard Manager
  • ProClarity for Sharepoint Portal Server
  • ProClarity for Reporting Services
  • Business Reporter for Excel

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