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Siebel and its related products are trademarks of Siebel and the following information is sourced from www.Siebel.com. For more information, please visit their official website www.Siebel.com.
“Siebel Business Analytics is the most comprehensive suite of business intelligence solutions available today. It integrates data from multiple enterprise sources and transforms it into key insights that enable executives, managers, and front-line employees to take actions that lead to dramatic improvements in business performance.”
Vendor: www.Siebel.com

Products: Business Intelligence

Siebel Business Analytics Applications:

  • Siebel Enterprise Sales Analytics
  • Siebel Enterprise Contact Center Analytics
  • Siebel Marketing Analytics
  • Siebel Supply Chain Analytics
  • Siebel Financial Analytics
  • Siebel Workforce Analytics
  • Siebel Business Analytics Platform

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